Our Ingredients

Here is some information about our ingredients.

Lanolin — This natural waxy substance derived from sheep’s wool has been used as a skin softener, moisturizer and lubricant for centuries. Its chemical composition is very
similar to human skin, making it ideal to repair the dry and chafed area around the nipple. Our lanolin is the highest quality. 100% pure, and certified as hypoallergenic.

St. John’s wort Oil —This St. John’s-wort
extract is a prized as a natural treatment with antibiotic qualities, commonly used for mild burns and wounds. It also moisturizes as it restores skin to pristine condition.

Wheat germ oil — As both an antioxidant and healing balm, this natural extract boosts overall skin health. It increases circulation and reduces scarring as well, acting as a natural preservative and antimicrobial preventing infections.

Eucalyptus Oil —This oil enables the
salve to penetrate deep in the skin,
enhancing the effectiveness and speeding up recovery time. It has both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which reduce swelling and soothe the pain from breastfeeding.

Calendula Oil — Commonly known as the
pot marigold, the extract of this flower is a
blessing to damaged skin. As an all-natural
anti-genotoxin, it prevents skin cells from
deteriorating while shooting and protecting
the injured area.

chamomile — This is another flower with natural anti-inflammatory benefits, especially for sensitive areas.

rose hips — The high Vitamin-C value of these small fruits nourishes the skin while reducing swelling.

yarrow — Combining this natural herbal remedy with others enhances the effect of the entire blend. On its own, it speeds recovery of bruised and damages skin. It’s also an effective anti-inflammatory treatment.

Rosemary — This common household spice also possesses anti-carcinogenic properties that can reduce swelling while healing skin and protecting against cancer.

Ginseng — As a traditional Chinese remedy, this plant root is a strong anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant, repairing damaged skin quickly.

Myrrh — Prized for ages, this aromatic resin has healing compounds that work wonders on damaged skin.

EasyNurse is certified kosher under the supervision of Rabbi Rubin of Rechovot.